Using Emotional Coaching to Heal Wounds and Build Resilience

Naomi Trentham

Using Emotional Coaching to Heal Wounds and Build Resilience – Momentum talks #5

Naomi Trentham is the Co-founder of Mitos Global; their work is in the area of emotional coaching. Here, Naomi describes her personal story of how she discovered how emotional coaching helped her parenting skills, which fed into other areas of life. In times of fear and uncertainty, it’s always good to see a company move in the opposite spirit. The is what M-I-T-O-S stands for.

‘Emotions are data and not directives. So being able to shine a light of awareness and put a name to felt emotions allows the thinking part of our brains to regulate behaviours.’

In this episode, we explore emotional coaching is and how it benefits individuals-adults and children. Also, how it’s used in the corporate setting to foster better co-operation and teamwork.

Gail Donnan is a trauma-informed EMDR psychotherapist who has been working in the wellness industry since 1995. She holds a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Psychology.

Emotion coaching aligns with our series on stress, “Keep calm and carry on”, click the link to watch at the end of the video. Follow Naomi and Mitos on their website

What is Emotional Coaching?