The Whole Person Nutritionist

Clare Backhouse

The Whole Person Nutritionist – Momentum Talks #3

In this episode, we find out about the work of Clare Backhouse a registered nutritional therapist, (MA & MSt Oxon, MA, PhD DipION, mBANT, mCNHC) looking at how she connects nutritional advice and lifestyle patterns bringing science, nature and belief together.

We delve down into specific areas of acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome and discover the links between our microbiome and pesticides in use.
With an eye to the broader picture, Clare shares her thoughts on nutrition and nature, especially the role fungi play. A truly informative interview.

1:00 The ‘Functional Medicine approach to nutrition and health
4:10 How I discovered nutritional therapy and retrained as a nutritionist
7:02 Spirituality, community and healing
14:34 The impact of tiny practical actions – even chewing habits
19:00 Mechanisms and paradoxes of stomach acid and reflux
23:17 Farming’s impact on the makeup of our gut bacteria
27:37 Organic food and budgeting
29:37 Farming’s impact on our nutrient absorption
31:28 Hidden soil fungi and how they create nutrients in our food
37:44 My wonderful clients and their rate of change
39:49 Connecting scientific research with fun and practical habits
42:00 The Biscuit Question: cravings, emotions, and practical solutions
And finally: are Nutritionists sneaky?!


Clare Backhouse can be found at: