The Resilient Business

Andrew Cussons

The Resilient Business

In this episode, we interview Andrew Cussons, a business coach for over 20 years who also coaches and trains other ActionCOACHES. Andrew Cussons is one of life’s eternal learners with a voracious appetite for personal development.

He has the enviable ability to not only read, listen and learn but then to go to the next level in taking immediate action. This episode is an information-filled one in which Andrew shares what it takes to make a resilient business.

It is full of hacks and examples that are timeless and worth watching and listening to repeatedly. Some of the key takeaways include:

*Why the difference between employee and owner mentality matters.

*Developing personal skills vs. business needs.

*Why idealism is not helpful.

*The importance of a massive vision.

*Resilience=rediscovering your why and communicating it.

*Losing your way leads to chaos especially in the face of changing times.

*When you mess up don’t spend too long in BED: Blame, Excuses, Denial.

*When you mess uptake an OAR: Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility.

The role of strong leadership in risk-taking cultures Resources mentioned:

*Atomic Habits- James Clear

*Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki

*The miracle morning-Hal Elrod

*Start with Why- Simon Sinek

Watch and enjoy the conversation