Reversing Diabetes and Extreme Weight Loss

Reversing Diabetes and Extreme Weight Loss with Dave Thorp

Dave Thorp

Dave Thorp shares his amazing health story of how he was motivated to lose a massive amount of weight and reverse his type 2 diabetes.

In this conversation, Dave gives an honest and unvarnished view of himself while at the same time giving credit to the support he had along the way to make the change he did.

He talks about how he transformed his mindset and relationships in the many work trips he makes across the globe.

Given that going into different food cultures brings some significant challenges, this is not a small achievement.

Stick around to the end when I share some tips and insights I’ve learnt to help Dave make further progress in his health-span journey.

As always, this is not a how-to formula. This is being described, but the aim is to, as Dave says, show that there is hope to be had wherever you are.