Resilience, Art and Innovation

Diana Squires

Resilience, Art and Innovation

Diana Squires Talks to us about her work and recent dissertation on resilience in the arts and culture sector. She reflects on the boosting resilience program she was involved with and how the different elements led to organisational resilience and innovation.

The conversations explored risk-taking and strategies for working through the necessary practicalities. We discuss the way competing needs can be addressed.

The mindset of sustainably innovating came to light as Diana reflected on the tie-ups between organisational and personal resilience.

She shared the spiritual aspects of resilience and how prayer is a means of help in remaining open when facing the uncertainty of pandemic times.

The concept of thankfulness combined with taking thoughts captive for her came from a strong family background. Her daily practices enabled Diana to remain open to finding new opportunities and staying in a positive mindset.

We talked about ideas around learning to accept fallow periods are regenerative times where there is value to be found. Speaking of “wintering” also brought a fresh lens for viewing opportunities that bring resilience to the foreground.

With a passion apparent throughout, Diana shared her thoughts on the importance of staying close to our values and vision that enables us to do our best work, especially in the face of, at times, trying circumstances.

Diana Squires is a Canadian and moved to the UK for her Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership at Bayes Business School.

Her background is in third sector management programme delivery. Her specialist interest is within the arts and culture sector and brings a passion for relationship building.

Diana currently works as a consultant public speaker and podcast producer focusing on innovation and social impact.

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