Qigong Moving Meditation

 John Millar

Qigong Moving Meditation

John’s passion is in making the ideas and practices within the Chinese moving meditation of Qigong fun, accessible and relevant to a modern western audience. This passion has led him to work with many corporate and healthcare organisations in the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East.

He is a regular speaker at the Integrative Health Convention, an active member of the College of Medicine and a regular contributor to Integrative Health events in the UK and Europe.

Since being introduced to Qigong in 1997, John’s exploration has led him to study with some of the most highly regarded teachers of Qigong in the UK, Europe, Australasia and China.

John shares how moving meditation brings a state of awareness of a person’s inner narrative. And from that place to be able to choose between remaining comfortable or using that awareness as a place of transformation.

He talks about the difference between eyes open vs eyes closed practice and how this works in real life as a way of stress release.

How important is the accuracy of form? The answer lies, according to John, in avoidance of disrupting the mind-body connection. At times intention matters more when people have limitations of movement. At other times accuracy can reflect the internal dialogue.

John also talks about how integrative medicine and Qigong combine to support patients and reduce experienced stress levels.