Mental Health and the Gut

Judith Addai

Mental Health and the Gut

A journey of self-learning and the workings of the digestive system. It begins in a leaky gut and develops into revelations of how the gut-brain axis affects the entire person. She also shares how changing her nutritional choices led to the reduction and healing of panic attacks and palpitations.

Judith shares something of her early childhood trauma and how it affected her ability to perform under exam conditions. We discuss the science behind this phenomenon generally.

The incredible experience birthed a desire to help and encourage children who have also faced difficult home situations culminating in a career in teaching. We talked about Judith’s successful strategies in dealing with emotionally challenging children in the classroom and delve down into the physiology of hypervigilant kids.

Included are a couple of tips on choosing organic produce when on a tight budget and a look at pan’s dirty dozen- links below: