Leadership Development and Resilient Education


Leadership Development and Resilient Education

Dr Henry Koge, more than anyone I’ve met to date, exemplifies humility in action. He lives what it means to live a resilient life. In this episode, Henry takes us on an educational and informative journey through his childhood and onto his PhD studies in Leadership and Education at one of the world’s leading universities.

When asked what his life vision is, the reply is to change the education system. In this case, it means the whole system from teachers to pupils of all ages, the curriculum, teaching processes, etc. Henry Koge models a radically different way of philanthropy, not from a position of material success but from a place of growing others while growing oneself.

He talks about community learning and growing in tandem with the individual. He shares how his Christian faith interacts with his work in empowering his actions and decision-making. Some quotable quotes, of which there are many:

“The key is what you are trying to obtain vs what you are trying to experience; that is what motivates you to continue moving forward.

“Physical poverty is not the same as a poverty mindset. The latter is far more powerful.”

“Hold yourself accountable to yourself.”

“Don’t speak problems; speak solutions.”

“When you mess up, don’t stay in ‘BED’ too long (Blame – Excuse – Deny).

Watch and enjoy the conversation