How Touch Builds Resilience

How Touch Builds Resilience 

Can touch make a difference in your life?
The science says yes. How you give and receive touch shapes you as a person. Gentle touch, in particular, increases immunity and lowers blood pressure and stress levels.

Here we look at how it affects our lives and wellbeing.
This episode presents an overview of the neuroscience of gentle touch and what is the connection between touch and pain fibres in our bodies.

What’s the connection between touch and your autonomic nervous system – the sympathetic and parasympathetic?
What about if you have bad experiences with touch; is there anything you can do?

Remember that giving touch can set up a positive feedback loop, helping others while getting something back simultaneously.

Find out how we develop from babies to adulthood, why we move from touch to sight and sound, what some self-soothing practices are, how these affect performance and thinking, and what are some of the hormones released by touch and their effects.