How to Power-up your Brain with Mental Models

Marcos Barros

Momentum Talks #2

Another exciting episode of Momentum Talks, this time exploring one of our core areas of study, our minds.

“Our minds only work through patterns. Our brains are pattern-matching machines” Marcos Barros. According to him, we use thousands of mental models without ever being aware of them. Understanding and learning to recognise some of them can improve exponentially your mental faculties and the outcome of most of our highly demanding daily tasks.

Marcos Barros is also known as “the OKR Guy” in the UK as he works with companies of all sectors to grow by designing and implementing OKRS. He is the founder of Oxford Business Master, a published author, businesses mentor, entrepreneur, co-founder and board advisor to several organisations, with clients in New York, London, São Paulo and several other major cities.

Over ten years experience working with large corporations in Europe and over 20 years experience in South America, providing training and consulting services, delivering cutting edge IT network technology, having trained specialised workforces in 9 different countries for companies such as AT&T, BSKYB (The British branch of SKY television) and Easynet.