How Knowledge and Mindset Brings Faster Recovery 

How Knowledge and Mindset Brings Faster Recovery

Peter Tylinkski

Early in 2022, Peter herniated three of his lumbar vertebrae, which caused a great deal of pain and a time of immobility.

Being an experienced physiotherapist, he understood the injury’s seriousness and what was needed to regain his health.

In today’s episode, he describes something of that journey which was remarkable not only in that his issue was resolved but also in an accelerated timeframe.

Knowing what to do is different from taking the necessary and challenging steps.

Peter’s story highlights the mindset needed to regain health, but it can be applied in many different areas of our lives. He shares how he applied the 10% rule to his exercises and how these small incremental steps worked to fool his body into gradually improving.

He also talks about the importance of not trying to push through the pain but simultaneously recognising the difference between discomfort and pain. Peter talks about micro-improvements in a very practical way.

The formula he used:

His current reality +10%change x time = significant changes

We also discuss how homeostasis can hinder and why the rest phases are fundamental, especially in advancing years.

Peter also talks about how he used the tech in his phone to offload the need to remember what actions he needed to take. A critical point in a hyper-busy world.

As always, it’s essential to know that this does not constitute medical advice. In any situation, it’s always important to seek medical advice early.