From Essential to Optimum Nutrition

Dr Clara Russell

From Essential to Optimum Nutrition

As the founder of Noggin The Brain People, Clara Russell is on a mission to help improve the cognitive health of the nation. In this episode, Clara describes the journey of her medical training to become a GP before becoming interested in at the time side issues of lifestyle medicine and sleep studies. After nearly 20 years of experience in both NHS and Private medicine, she has stepped aside from clinical practice to focus on brain health and helping people understand what they can do to help themselves feel better and look after their brains in the longer term.

Dr Russell talks about the difference between essential nutrition and optimal nutrition. And how this difference led her with the help of an experienced nutritionist formulate the ingredients necessary to create a range of brain-enhancing supplements.

With a diagnosis of MS, she had the dual perspective of patient and physician which inspired her to investigate other ways of helping patients beyond what was on offer in 2017.

We discuss some of the shortfalls embedded in the healthcare system and the greater recognition for stress management.

In the end, Clara shares her vision for Noggins and the way forward in terms of research and development.

Dr Russell studied Medicine at Newcastle University and completed GP training in the North East of England. She has studied Sleep Medicine at Edinburgh University and Functional medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine in the US.

The roots of Noggin are personal – Clara and her family members have been affected by brain affecting conditions and this was the trigger for Clara to look deeper into lifestyle, functional medicine and the importance of sleep, nutrition, and mindset in looking after our brains.