Follow Your Passion and Help Others

Follow Your Passion and Help Others

Marian Temelkov

In this episode, we speak to Marian Temelkov, the co-founder and CEO of Dynamis Group about building your life passion and helping others to do the same. He is a great motivator entrepreneur with a track history of supporting young people to build their life goals. Marian came to the UK still very young and started from scratch to become a successful businessman working with high-level executives from around the world.

The company specialises in Strategic Succession, Executive Search and Leadership Due Diligence. He has completed projects in over 50 countries worldwide, driven by his philosophy of ‘seeing people not for who they are, but for who they can become.

Marian is an advocate and champion of Leading with Care and the Care Culture. He co-founded the Leaders Who Care platform to increase awareness and transformation of C-Suite executives.

He invites leaders who care from every corner of the world to share best practices, embrace success & failure, and share ideas on a caring leadership approach.

Marian’s motto is “Contributing to world’s betterment by bringing together the most caring & disruptive leaders.”

He loves God, the family, his team, travelling and gymnastics.


To find out more about Marian and all his wealth of resources, please visit:

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