Discovering Wild Camping in Nevada, USA

Discovering Wild Camping in Nevada, USA

Phillip Goodman

In this episode, we talked to Phillip Goodman, a wild campaign and nature lover from Santa Clarita, CA, a large suburb in the mountains 30 miles (48km) northwest of Los Angeles, CA.

We learn about nature in his part of the world, and Phil has given us great tips for our next adventure on the North West coast of Scotland.

As a young boy, Phillip would open the gate from his backyard and step into wild, undeveloped mountains. There he’d climb through hills, build forts on giant oak trees, and hike through the many trails carved in the mountains.

After graduating from Long Beach State Univ. in 2007 with degrees in broadcast journalism and creative writing, Phillip stayed in Long Beach, CA. He found new solace in biking along the beaches of sunny SoCal and kayaking the marinas and bays of Newport, Huntington, and Long Beach.

Phillip’s college roommate re-introduced him to the joys of camping by adventuring north to the Kern River Valley and Sequoia National Forest. Since then, Phillip (and his equally adventurous girlfriend of seven years) have been camping and kayaking their way through Northern Nevada and Northern CA.

Professionally, Phillip is the play-by-play broadcaster for Reno’s semi-pro men’s ice hockey team and the backup public address announcer for Reno’s minor league baseball team.