Dealing with Trauma: A Body-Centered Approach

Gail Donnan

Dealing with Trauma: A Body-Centred Approach

The headline spaces are full of Covid-19 and its direct and indirect effects on our physical health are something no one can deny. Yet we are in the middle of two pandemics. The less publicised one is the effect on our mental health and the trauma we as a society face. In this episode, we talk about why the medical model of trauma doesn’t work as it separates the physical and mental as discrete entities.

Gail shares how the bottom-up or somatic approach works by helping people become more aware of body sensations and working to release the underlying trauma. We unpack links between our autonomic nervous system and social connections.

Looking at why building a feeling of safety is key to healing trauma. We talk about work done in the Trauma Centre, Ripon where all of the different practitioners are “trauma-informed”. Then discuss the outreach monthly events that are open to the public.

Gail Donnan is a trauma-informed EMDR psychotherapist who has been working in the wellness industry since 1995. She holds a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Psychology.

As well as being the Director of the Trauma Centre, Ripon North Yorkshire, she is a qualified teacher, assessor and IQA.

Gail specialises in mental health issues arising from trauma, anxiety, depression and is the author of two books: “The Gateway – A journey to reclaim your power from Stress and Anxiety” and; “The Gateway Junior Edition” – which focuses on children’s mental health

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