COVID-19: A Counsellor´s Perspective

Kathleen Peterson

COVID-19: A Counsellor´s Perspective

In this episode of Momentum talks, Dr Kathleen Peterson, a clinical psychologist sets the scene of what Covid-19 in the last 2 years has meant to the community in Florida. Kathleen introduces the temperament toolkit and describes the relevance of personal temperament to a stressor-Covid-19.

She discusses strategies in dealing with stress in three areas of work, party and home while giving several examples of temperament types.

Dr Peterson shares lessons on resolving issues at home including how to find connection, forgiveness with an emphasis on expressing feelings communicating stress points non-judgemental, finding neutral ground and common interests.

Lastly, she shares guiding principles that have been of value in her marriage which apply to all long term relationships. Dr Peterson has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is a licensed Temperament Counselor and has a PhD in Clinical Christian Counselling.