Conquering Diabetes

Conquering Diabetes

Dr Vinita Singh

Diabetes and its effects are a major killer in the world.

Today we are talking to Dr Vinita Singh, a certified Lifestyle Medicine practitioner with a specialist interest in diabetes and diseases related to insulin resistance.

She shares something of her personal and family history, which galvanised a career change and led to a keen drive to delve into research in the field of diabetes.

Searching for science-backed and evidence-based lifestyle changes for treating chronic diseases made her study lifestyle medicine and become a member of the prestigious ACLM.

In 2020, she was certified as a lifestyle medicine professional by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Soon after that, in 2021, she earned her certification as a Culinary Coach from ILM, Harvard Medical School.

She lives in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in, India.

We dive into how diabetes develops and answer some key questions patients ask on their journey.

What does an intensive change in diet mean?

What’s the role of stress in diabetes?

Can drug treatment on its own prevent the harmful effects of diabetes?

Find out the answers to these and other questions in this episode.