Choose Your Fears Wisely

Ershad Alamgir

Choose Your Fears Wisely

Is a person who it is fair to say savours life’s challenges to a depth that not many would go to.

From his Bangladeshi roots he trained in classical Indian music before transitioning into music production. Largely self-taught and with a powerful internal drive Ershad has also managed to accumulate a couple of Masters in different areas of law.

In this episode of the resilience series he shares some aspects of his life story to date. With a level of discipline and perseverance Ershad exemplifies one driving force within- the belief that people can go beyond the external pressures of needing to conform to prescriptive life paths.

Ershad read for us one of his poems entitled Choose Your Fears Wisely which speaks to directly to the listeners of being aware of the inner life and from that core to work relentlessly in pursuit of the possible.

Curiosity and a hunger for new experiences have kept Ershad moving forward to a present that involves hosting a podcast series where his goal is to encourage personal creativity and problem solving. And almost as an addendum he is working towards a post graduate degree in cognitive neuroscience.