Building Resilient Teams


Building Resilient Teams

“How do we build innovation habits in People?” – that´s how Michael set off to understand the nature of efficient and productive teams and how to empower people within organisations and communities.

In this episode, we speak to Michael Croft, innovator and managing director of Spice Framework. Michael is a Yorkshire man, a natural-born storyteller with a very interesting heritage and family line.

We will be talking to Michael is also passionate about communities and building resilient working teams.

Michael and his team have been developing for some years an innovative tool that combines all that and has not been released to the market.

We will learn more about their innovation and his views on how individuals, companies and organisations can energise, build and release their team to fulfil their vision and purpose.

Spice Framework is a platform enabling ongoing performance management and people development on demand that delivers behavioural assessment and a blend of learning resources together with tools for evaluation and impact assessment. the SPICE Framework is accessible on any web-enabled device in a mobile-friendly environment.

SPICE Framework both incorporates unique tools for evaluation and the measurement of the impact of people on performance and provides real-time reporting on individuals, teams and businesses to create advantage and fuel development.

Watch and enjoy the conversation