Beyond Fitness with Trojan Gordon

Trojan Gordon

Beyond Fitness – Momentum Resilience Life Series

Trojan Gordon is a London-based BACP counsellor and an ambassador for Lululemon a retail fitness apparel company. He co-founded Emancipated Running Crew, a running group for people of colour that encourages physical and mental wellbeing and provides a safe place to just be. Its aim is to challenge the lack of diversity in grassroots running by creating a virtual space where BAME runners can support and encourage each other whatever the running goal. From just knowing that the London marathon existed Trojan ran it in October 2021 for the first time.

He went from not believing he could do it to running with enjoyment as a goal. In our conversation, he describes the stages of the journey from shorter distances to the London marathon and some of the milestones physically and emotionally along the way. He tells us how running impacts his professional role as a counsellor and shares his reset practice. Community-building features throughout the conversation and the call to a purpose beyond individual achievement. An inspirational and fun chat to be savoured.

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