Beyond Fitness with Suki Bassi

Suki Bassi

One woman’s turnaround from individual stress and burnout

This fireside chat follows the timeline from physical and mental breakdown to restoration of self and a wider sense of community. Suki has participated in 150 park runs and in that time her sense of community is of a story that lingers on far beyond a single run or a single moment in time.

She describes with passion a defining moment of doing a park run on New year’s day in Paris. The story is one of being brought to mental and physical exhaustion by burnout and the process of recovery.

Along the way, Suki tells of a change in mindset from being driven by the externals of time and distance to discovering kindness and nurturing both for herself and for others. In the process, she describes moving from primal self-hatred and self-judgement to be recognising the value of altruism.

Watch and enjoy the conversation