Turning Your Pain into Purpose

Roi Shternin

Turning Your Pain into Purpose

Roi Shternin went from chronic patient to chronic entrepreneur. He was once a chronic patient with several symptoms which have confined him to bed. Through a long process of self-exploration, he has transformed himself into a self-described chronic entrepreneur.

He describes the ups and downs of first having to prove that he was sick through the arduous process of working through an elimination diet (twice) while at the same time fine-tuning an abnormal sleep pattern.

Along the way, Roi Shternin has cultivated his passion as a health entrepreneur, including organising the first TEDx conference in Tel Aviv. Roi gives us a flavour of his entrepreneurial journey.

We discuss the role of ego and the motivation for continuous innovation in the face of temptations along the way. Stay to the end when Roi describes his physical condition during our conversation.

Roi is the founder of the patient-led Israeli society for Dysautonomia and has founded several health start-ups and NGOs, including Help+, Valero Clinical, Project Hearts and Labriut!.

Roi served as the first-ever Patient in Residence & Head of Patient Innovation for the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Austria and is acting as a board member for several health organisations.

He is the founder of the groundbreaking, first-ever Patient School globally. This digital school teaches patients what he has learned from a decade of unimaginable struggle.

Roi is an international keynote speaker, media personality, and author. His book “Revolution From The Patient Bed” will be available in the upcoming months.