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Poetry can change lives (at least mine)
May 26, 2021

Talent is a good start. Then comes the refinement and building of momentum. Getting in and out of flow is a big part of the process. The energy that comes with movement is amazing. Life flows out of the lips and through the body and cascades down.

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OKR with Marcos Barros
Using OKRs For Your Personal Growth
May 13, 2021

In this blog post you can learn to apply OKRs in at a personal level to achieve your goals without falling prey of performing arduous tasks that eventually demotivate you.

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You are when you eat
You Are When You Eat
May 5, 2021

With many of us looking to change our eating habits, how do we go about it is an important question. There is tons of advice about healthy eating and what you should be eating. Anything from fermented foods to whole grains to plant-based. To meat or not? The choices are endless.

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