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The Body Keeps The Score (Book review)
October 18, 2021

Van der Kolk argues that trauma in its many forms is a major public health issue, the book considers a number of innovative treatments that make use of our natural ability to heal ourselves.

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Beyond Fitness
October 12, 2021

If ever you do any running you know that burning feeling when a part of your body starts complaining. Maybe it’s the knees, hips or lungs. Maybe all at the same time. Then it builds and builds to the point when your body screams. Stop!

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Reflections of a perfect day…Really !
June 29, 2021

In my mind’s eye I see the destination, a small artisan cafe that stands at a fork in the road. It has just enough room to hold ten outdoor tables. That’s where I want to be. An oasis of calm in Covid days.

What I have not figured on are the two trucks, four workers and a mechanical roller tasked with re-laying the road next to the cafe. I’m sure my expectant vision does not have this detail as part of the script.

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