Why Momentum

The Cambridge dictionary defines momentum as a force that keeps an object moving in a particular direction.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, there is movement involved. Somebody who is not moving, either physically, emotionally, intellectually, healthwise, professionally, and so on, has no momentum. 

Momentum is not fixed in time and space. It is a vector, and as such, the direction in which we move is crucial. Your momentum can be positive or negative and can go up or down and even be reversed. It is affected by internal and external factors. So from time to time, we, like a car, need an MOT to ensure that things are most efficient and have a greater chance of successfully reaching our destination.

Seasons, people, systems, and ideas evolve. Often, we may be working like it’s summer when the season has changed to autumn. If the approach and mindset don’t adapt, momentum is lost.

What is Momentum Resilience Life?

Momentum Resilient Life is a health and wellness community with the vision to build a global resilient transformational network and online platform. It operates both as a relational and transactional innovative digital platform. Most importantly, we are a community of experts, professionals, and wellness brands working in various fields. We are committed to bringing out the potential in each other to meet the needs of the ever-changing and hyper-connected world around us.

We examine the core aspects of wellness underpinned by the body-mind-spirit framework as one with nature and effectively releasing an individual life’s calling and purpose. We aim to identify and provide expert content, products, services, and technology tools to strengthen all the areas of life that would slow individuals in reaching their true potential and fulfilling calling.

Our community benefits from content in all major areas of life, philosophy and the science of wellbeing _spirituality, fitness, health, food and nutrition, nature and the environment, human relationships, mental health, societal changes and the future we all share.