It has never been so timely to build resilience. It is at the heart of our community-building calling; resilience is key to our growth and living a fulfilled life.

These 21 Days were designed to help you in your journey to becoming more resilient. You may wonder why 21 days? In our experience, 21-day periods have been incredibly effective when desiring transformational breakthroughs. 

Having said that, 21-days is just a start. Journaling is proven to change lives forever. Journaling is one of the most powerful practices to build momentum toward a successful and happy life. Leonardo DaVinciAnne Frank, Mark Twain, and Frida Khalo are among them.

Start now!

Click below and download the editable pdf. You can use it on your device or print a copy if you wish.

We would love to hear your experiences with the Journal, connect with us on one of our Social Media channels and let us know how the journal has affected you positively. If you like it please share it with others too.

Many thanks,

momentum team