What Sarah Kay does amazingly well is to combine the spoken word with the act of creating poetry. In essence, that is what creativity is. It’s the ability to find disparate dots, to join ideas and thoughts in new and fun ways.

Talent is a good start. Then comes the refinement and building of momentum. Getting in and out of flow is a big part of the process. The energy that comes with movement is amazing. Life flows out of the lips and through the body and cascades down. That act of creation is what you were designed for.

So remember:

When hope is in short supply, you can either contribute to the shortage or the supply.

When you aim to be a light in the darkness,

There will be times that the very people you hold a candle for

are the ones who will be trying to blow the candle out.

Too often, your intent is to be light

But the action speaks of adding to the darkness.

So just for today, let’s be a light.

life in poetry