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    19 Jan“Quitters Day”​: for Strava, today is when most of us quit, do you agree?

    Let’s face it: if the goals set are not grounded in self-discipline and a robust process, it is unlikely to be successful. However, there is more to success than achieving a new year’s goal. For instance, being congruent and truthful with who we are is also paramount.

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    02 JanWhat is Success to you?

    Your gratitude for the year that has just finished and for everything that came your way will catapult you into the new year with more energy and strength, gratitude and thankfulness open doors to success.

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    21 DecThe Hidden Power of Accountability

    “Have you done your homework yet?” The booming accusatory voice came rising the stairs… Words that you usually hear from a parent…

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    21 DecWhy vulnerability matters

    The level of vulnerability we have is linked to the possibility of growth. The paradox of vulnerability is that it is the birthplace of resilience. While vulnerability can feel scary it is also a place of acceptance, authenticity, creativity and courage

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    28 Jun21 Days To Become More Resilient – Free Download

    Download FREE our Momentum Resilience Journal – 21 Days to Become more Resilient. We have put together this great 21 day program to help you transcend daily challenges and discover your strengths.

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