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    13 AprFrom weight loss to health.

    Weight-loss is important but our health is much more than that. This article highlights why lifestyle change matters.

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    30 MarIs Love enough? I don’t know but let’s give it a try…

    Choosing to show love is a choice. Agape love is not based on freindship,equality of good odds of getting a great result. It really is a choice to love in a practical sense.

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    28 DecYour identity is key to your success and resilience

    Your identity is the fingerprint of your soul, it is unique to you and it is beautiful. And that divine spark ignites your purpose in life.

    The greater the self-acceptance the more likely you will grow strong resilient life muscles, there is no short cute to true success in life, as that is a manifestation of your inner world and not accolades from the external audience.

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    08 DecBrain owners beware: Move to grow! Stop to shrink!

    Movement is more important that exercise. Here’s why.

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    30 OctHypervigilance – When looking for Danger is Dangerous?

    Our autonomic nervous system is composed of two parts, a fight or flight element and a rest and digest element.
    The rest and digest part is responsible for sleep, sex, recovery, digestion and absorption of food. The thrive piece,
    the fight or flight is like the body’s response to the night sensor being activated. The breathing speeds up, the pulse quickens and muscles tense in order to respond to a threat. It’s us gearing up for action. Survival.

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