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    08 DecBrain owners beware: Move to grow! Stop to shrink!

    Movement is more important that exercise. Here’s why.

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    30 OctHypervigilance – When looking for Danger is Dangerous?

    Our autonomic nervous system is composed of two parts, a fight or flight element and a rest and digest element.
    The rest and digest part is responsible for sleep, sex, recovery, digestion and absorption of food. The thrive piece,
    the fight or flight is like the body’s response to the night sensor being activated. The breathing speeds up, the pulse quickens and muscles tense in order to respond to a threat. It’s us gearing up for action. Survival.

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    29 OctEverybody should read “On the Shortness of Life”

    Right off the bat, Seneca argues that it isn’t that our lives are short – it’s that we choose to make it so by wasting most of our time. He implores the reader, originally Paulinus, now us, to examine the problems in our lives which cause our lives to seem short. Engaging in vices, giving our time entirely to others, the pursuit of meaningless goals, etc. Instead, he asks the reader to pursue meaningful goals and seek to live life to its fullest – something I consider to be most important. Not to wholly shun leisure but to refrain from being a slave to it.

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    18 OctThe Body Keeps The Score (Book review)

    Van der Kolk argues that trauma in its many forms is a major public health issue, the book considers a number of innovative treatments that make use of our natural ability to heal ourselves.

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    12 OctBeyond Fitness

    If ever you do any running you know that burning feeling when a part of your body starts complaining. Maybe it’s the knees, hips or lungs. Maybe all at the same time. Then it builds and builds to the point when your body screams. Stop!

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